Welcome to WOMEN FOR WHALES.  

We believe all cetaceans (that’s whales, dolphins and porpoises) deserve the right to freedom, to live in a clean and safe ocean free from human threat.

It’s nearing that time again… the time when 88 of Earth’s nations gather to discuss the fate of the great race of whales – with some nations spearheading ethical conservation methods and some nation’s motivated by greed, money and lies.

The IWC describes itself as “the global intergovernmental body charged with the conservation of whales and the management of whaling”

A contradiction in itself – whaling equates to killing whales, the exact opposite of conservation!

Once again Women for Whales and Surfers for Cetaceans will be present outside the meeting, this year in Portoroz, Slovenia – to make a stand for cetaceans and represent a united voice for all the whale lovers of the world.

We believe whales and dolphins should be respected and protected: and the IWC should be responsible for the conservation of whales NOT whaling.

Please join us – in person, or on www.facebook.com/celebratewhales from September 15th 2014.

Learn more about the IWC here




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